Water Rescue Training
Penn-Ohio Newfoundland Club
Penn-Ohio Newfoundland Club
2013 Water Rescue Training
Instructors: PONC Members
Where: Lake Pymatuning State Park,  100 Dam Road. Jamestown, PA 
When:   10:00 AM to 3:00+ PM    June 9, 15, 23, 29           July 7, 13, 21,         Aug 4, 2013
What:  Members will assist you in training your dog to learn to enjoy the water and complete the water rescue exercises.

Don't forget to bring water and a bowl for your dog.
(see more info below)
Penn-Ohio 25th Annual Water Rescue Test
3 Days - 4 Tests
When:  August 9-10-11, 2013

Friday -
WRDX & WRD Requal Test
All Breed WD/WRD Test
(conducted under NCA rules)

Saturday, August 10
WD/WRD test 25 entries

Sunday, August 11
WD/WRD test 25 entries

Lake Pymatuning
B4 the Test
Site Familiarization
When:  August 8, 2013
1:00 - 4:00
Boat, crew and stewards will be on hand to assist

Water Rescue Show & Go
When:  July 28, 2013

Run your dog through a simulated test w/ judge, equipment & stewards to help identify problems
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Water Training - 2013

This summer we kicked off the training season with a two day seminar by Roger Frey covering everything from puppies to training for the WRD.  We had a great time and met lots of new folks and their dogs.
We are continuing on alternating Saturdays and Sundays through the summer helping each other to attain our training goals.
(Donations are accepted to defray the cost of renting the facilities)

Remember, you must bring the following safety equipment for each person that will be going into the water with their dog. If you don't have training equipment, bring your dog and some type of shoe to wear in the water and we will show you what you need and you should be able to borrow a life vest for the day.
Spectators are welcome. Children are not allowed in the water unless training a dog and must be over the age of 10 and supervised by an adult. If more than one person is in the water with the dog, each must have safety equipment:

  • Personal flotation device - a life jacket that is properly sized to the individual.
  • Appropriate footwear - we cannot guarantee what will be on the beach or in the water as the training area is also a popular fishing site. Flipflops are not acceptable.
  • Leash and collar for the dog - we recommend that you get an inexpensive leash that you don't mind getting wet.  

Other items that might prove useful.
  • Water for your dog and family. Even if the weather is cool, your dog will need lots of clean water to drink. Although your dog may drink from the lake, if they have fresh water, they will probably spend less time drinking lake water.
  • Training equipment and dog treats or toys that you will use during training
  • Sun screen
  • Towels to dry both you and your dog before you get back in the car
  • Lawn chairs or a blanket
  • Lunch or snacks if you plan on spending the day or just need some additional nurishment

Just a NOTE:  If you get a chance to voice your opinion regarding the facilities and operation of the Pennsylvania or Ohio Lake Pymatuning State Parks to your state representatives, please put in a good word. A lot of states are making significant cuts in the budgets of the Departments responsible for operation of the state park system.  We have heard multiple stories of dog events being denied access because of these limited budgets. Arizona outsourced their park operation to organizations that did not understand the requirements and that have since gone bankrupt, causing the parks to be closed.  Please support our ability to hold these training sessions and events by being vocal with your state legislators.   
Water Work / Water Play Seminar                                                     Plan on coming next
May 31 - June 2   year for even more  
Roger Frey was Here  fun and training!  
We had a great time!

2013 Brochure
2013 Brochure
2013 is PONC's 25th Anniversary Water Test

East or West - It is going to be the Best!

The food is going to awesome. 
There will be great times to socialize and a supportive test team that will do everything in their power to make sure YOU have a great time. 
Pass or Fail, this will be a test to remember!!! 
There are special tee and sweat shirts to buy as a remembrance. 

And you will be remembered forever as one "Who Swims with Dogs". 
Download 201 Water test premium
Download 201 Water test premium